Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Short and Sweet Tonight

Day 3 of chemotherapy and things are still going well!

Last night was not the best night.  I didn't get much sleep as I have discovered a rare side effect of the treatment, I have severe hick-ups!  They went on for hours and were about 3 to 5 seconds apart which made falling asleep impossible.  They finally let up around 3am but when it was time to get up and return to the hospital I was feeling totally bagged.

I got to the hospital today around 10 am, they got me started on my medications right away and as soon as they got the new IV into me I fell asleep.  The two hour nap was very welcome at that point and did a lot to refresh me.  Around 3pm I had a couple friends stop in to visit, thanks Jen and Craig!

Treatments were done by 5pm today and I was still feeling good.  I took Noelle up on her offer to go see a movie and then stopped in to see my buddy Kirk with the bonus of visiting with Claire who made an appearance.  I do have some video that I will add to these blogs once I get it all figured out.  So for now I will say things are going good, everything considered.  As always Love you All!

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