Thursday, 28 April 2011

Beat up but not down

Day 3 of round 2 of my chemotherapy was a long day at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.  I arrived around 10 am and got my daily dose.  It was really nice that my buddy Craig was able to stop by and visit for a bit in the afternoon.  My day ended at around 5pm and my only goal at that point was to find my corner to go lay in and drool on myself some more.

Day 4 of round 2 was today and included a quick trip to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre to get my bleomycin IV bottle disconnected.  I've developed a bit of an infection on my chest and had to meet with the doctor to check on it and see if the antibacterial medication is working.  The chemo drugs pretty much destroy my immune system so something as little as a pimple can get out of control very easily.  On the bright note the antibacterial medication does seem to be working and I have to go back on Monday for a follow up.

After my visit back to bed I went.  I can't ever remember being so tired.  My nausea is under control but I have to force myself to eat as I have no appetite.  At this point all I want to do is sleep but even that can be hard as one of the medications tends to wind my brain up while my body just wants to lay there and drool on itself.  This round seems harder with the fatigue and nausea but still I know it could be worse.  I would like to say more, but right now,  know that I'm doing good and my spirits are still up!  My cheering squad is really helping and all the love and support that you all are showing means the world to me. So as always Love You All!

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