Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I've lost my hair but who would notice?

Day 15 of this chemotherapy adventure and finally something new to report.  Over the last week I have been feeling pretty great over all.  The worst thing to report would have been a bit of heartburn.

I have been keeping myself busy.  Last weekend I moved my new roommate in.  My youngest boy Gage is now living with me again and it sure is good to have him here.  The apartment is getting small but it will do while I'm not working.  When this is all over I do think we could use a little more space.

As for updates on my treatment there are a few developments.  Last Friday I was down to the hospital to have another CT scan to get a more up to date picture, however, I won't hear about the results till I meet with my doctor on Thursday this week.  Now on Thursday I will be meeting with my doctor but I will also be having some more blood work done at the same time.  They want to make sure that I'm healthy enough to do round 2 which is scheduled to start on Monday.

The latest news is the loss of my hair.  Yesterday I had what I had but this morning when I got up some of my hair decided to just stay in bed.  For some people I think this can be something harder to deal with but I pretty sure I had already grieved the loss of my hair years ago.  The hair just falls off, it doesn't pull out but if I touch it it falls off.  I tried to shower thinking that it might just wash off but it didn't.  Now I didn't really want to shed on everything for the next few days as it continues to slowly fall out so I found a new use for the lint roller.  It was a stick tape lint roller and all I had to do was brush my hair with it and it all came off.  So day 15 and the top of my head reflects a lot more light now.  I suspect by the end of the week I'll be completely hairless.

I know a lot of you have been waiting to hear more from me and while nothing much has happened over the last week I will be staying on top of the updates when I start round 2 on Monday.

Thanks to you all for the notes of encouragement and as always love you all!


  1. Brilliant use of a lint roller. However, if you'd thought a little bit harder, you probably could have declared yet another use for duct tape.

    Love, Coral

  2. Hi Grant, Lyle here, Carol was tuned into your blog and I had to chuckle. Son of an Engineer/farm boy for sure! The lint roller has many uses !!!! I'm pleased to see your "joy d'vivre". (Sorry for the spelling, can't spell in English let alone French) Your Dad will attest to that, all of our years boarding together he was my self propelled dictionary. "hey Carl, how do you spell_____" Thanks for the postings. ......... Lyle