Sunday, 3 April 2011

One Last Ball!

March 3rd and I'm counting down the remaining hours till I begin Day 1 of Chemo!

Today was an awesome day filled with good food, good friends and good fun.  I have to say thanks to everyone that made today just the best!

It started with brunch this morning with a fantastic group of friends at the Glenmore Inn for what was being called the, "Fatten Up Grant Brunch".  Some could not make it but I know they were there in spirit!  Thank you to all that did come down and help fatten me up.

Then another visit to see my favourite ladies and I was joined by some more excellent friends.  Now, the crapy weather of yesterday turned, just as the weather does in Calgary, to be a beautiful spring day.  So we couldn't resist but to take advantage of the perfect conditions and to build a snow penis with a snow squirrel running of with one of my snow balls.  It's so good to get out and just enjoy life.  Our activities caught the attention of the entire neighbourhood and all the traffic passing by.  We even had a, some what expected, visit from the city by-law officer, who was nice enough to just let us have our fun.  Other visitors, like the little old lady from next door even donated a toque, which we guessed was for the snow squirrel bandit.  It's always fun when we can regress back to being 8 again and just enjoy a day like this.

After this we just lounged around and visited but soon the gang felt the need to eat.  So again I was taken out by the group for a early supper at a really good sushi restaurant.  Now if I had any room after brunch I found a way to fill the void that had been left.  Afterwards, Noelle and I ran a few last errands, including picking up a video camera from my buddy Craig.  Now I can video some of this journey and add it to my blog.  Thank you Craig, you are a really good friend.  Thank you to ALL my friends and family, with you in my life it makes the tough times so much easier to face and as always love you!

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