Saturday, 2 April 2011

I Get By With a Little Help From....

April 2nd and I think the weather forgot it is supposed to be spring as it looks like mid February outside.

Today's outing first took me to my family doctor, whom I must commend.  With all the quacks out there and the need to just process people though the medical system it is a refreshing change to run into a physician who actually seems to care.  My meeting today was more of just a touching base with him and making sure he is up to date with everything.  It was nice to just sit down with him and talk.  Before I left he let me know that I can come in any time, that I don't need an appointment that he would make the time to see me.  He said at this point I've got the best possible medical team looking after me and that he sees his role now as a support and a resource.  So like I said before, very refreshing and lucky to have such a good doctor.

Later this afternoon I had a chance to hang out with one of my boys, Gage, and catch a movie.  It's really nice to have these times as he is almost 18 now and I'm sure has better things to do than hang out with the old man.  In fact I'm really lucky to have such wonderful kids that still do afford me the time and that are there for me.  I hope they know how much I love each one of them.

Tonight Noelle and I will hang out with a couple of my favourite ladies.  They are very good at reminding me that I'm old and balding and very fortunate to have them as friends, as they truly have had to lower their standards to allow me to hang out with them.  I love the fact that if I ever try and pull a poor me that they are the first ones to kick my ass or at very least make a humbling remark.  It could be so very easy to feel as crapy as the weather out side but with such family and friends I don't see that as a real option.

I know its less than 37 hours, 12 minutes and 53 seconds now till I start my chemo but I'm not going to dwell on it.  Right now I will enjoy myself.  As always love you all!


  1. Your Awesome Grant :)
    Love you !

  2. Love from the UK Grant and hang in there x