Saturday, 9 April 2011

Dark Days Followed With Blue Skies

Day 5 (Friday), and day 2 of post Chemo round 1 was a good day to get a lot of sleep.

I had to get up at 8am to go down to the clinic for a hearing test this morning.  It turns out that I do hear just fine, I just have very good selective hearing.  Actually they run the test to compare before and after because a side effect of the Chemo treatments can be loss of hearing.  After all this which took less than an hour, I was back to bed.  I have been fortunate that the worst side effect has been hick-ups and that the anti-nausea medications have worked well.  At this point I still have what hair I started with and for the most part most of my positive thinking.

So last night I missed sitting down and writing my blog but I did manage to get out of bed to go out and make an appearance at my very good friend Alissa's birthday party.  I think I surprised a lot of people by making it down but I figure as long as I have any ability to live a normal life I am going to!  Although I admit that I don't think I was the most lively I've ever been.

I do have to say it has been a hard week but sitting here now Saturday morning (Day 6) and looking out at the blue sky outside, I know every thing is going to work out just fine.  Round one has been gentle and I know that I am so much more fortunate than most who go through these treatments.  I also know that this is only round one and the effects are cumulative but I am determined to stay focused and positive.  I also know that I will take each day as it comes!  So today I am up and going to go out and enjoy this beautiful day.  As always Love you All!


  1. That's great to hear round 1 is over. It sounded like you first described the plan as 9 days of chemo per round (3+3+3), with 1 1/2 week of recovery between each. Is it still 3 weeks per round (i.e. 2 weeks now for you to rest)?

    Hope you enjoy the weekend, and bounce back fast!

    Love Sis

  2. I will add, that you looked GREAT and seemed perfectly normal to me:) I was really glad that you made it out, and stayed up later than I did :)
    Love you always !