Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Another Day In Day Care

Day 2 of Chemotherapy and things are going well!

I don't want to jinx it but so far so good.  Last night  I did have a bit of trouble sleeping, having this IV bottle attached to me took some getting used to.  Also, I did have a bit of an upset stomach but took another anit-nauseating drug and things seemed to settle down.

Things started at 11am this morning back at day care and for a treat I got the new girl who had a bit of trouble getting my IV started.  So after stabbing me a couple of times and popping the vein she did get help.
Amanda, a much more experienced nurse was kind enough to take over.  The regiment went smoothly after that!  For the rest of the day I had the only male nurse in the day care, Colin, who over saw the treatments.  Things when fast, as I started at 11 am but was done just before 5pm today.

Noelle has been kind enough to keep me company over these days and if I start to get bored she quickly jumps into action and reminds me why they call it day care!  It has been nice to have the company.  We kill time playing on the internet or downloading tv shows to watch and so far the days have gone by fast.

Looking at these pictures of me I now see why the nurse this morning asked how many rounds I've done so far.  Hard to believe I had long hair at one point in my life, albeit many, many years ago!

I have had so many e-mails and facebook messages from all of you following me on this adventure!  I would like to thank all of you for your words of encouragement as it really does mean the world to hear from you.  So today I don't have much more to report other than things are going well so far and I've been lucky enough to not be hit to hard yet by the treatments. Thanks again and as always Love You All!

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  1. Hey Grant great to see such a great attitude! Kicking it! I'm sending you Lisa Marie Rendall's blog url; she was good friend of SIL Bev and has such an amazing outlook on life and you'll find her record pretty amazing. Different cancer same battle. It's from her I learned my favourite acronym "FC" ...you'll figure it out ;) ...
    Cheers (fist pump)