Monday, 11 April 2011

Day 8 (post chemo day 5) and things are going well.

In the fine tradition of being me, I do think I might have pushed myself a little this weekend but like I said before I'm still going to try and live my life.  Saturday I felt really good and in fact was up really early.  All those who indulged a little much the night before seemed to be doing much worse than me.  My day consisted of getting together with my oldest boy who was heading off to Fort McMurray to make his fortune.  I know he will do well, he is an amazing worker, especially when he puts his mind to it!

After that I had a new and amazing experience of my own; I went to my first opera: Aida.  It was such an experience, something everyone should see.  Thank you Noelle and the West family for letting me come along on this evening.

Sunday was a nice day and I took full advantage of the the weather by getting out for the day.  Later that night I got together with some friends at this nice little Moroccan restaurant near Kensington.  One thing that I did have to note is that my taste buds are starting to be affected and food is starting to lose it zest.  Also, I learned that if it's spicy enough to reach my taste buds then I might want to avoid it for now.  I very much did taste the food last night.  In fact I tasted it all last night and most of today.  The heartburn has been unbelievable and the anti-nausea meds are challenged to keep up with my active stomach.  In all though was worth it!  It was a good weekend with good people and I will always be so very thankful for all of you.  So until I have something a little more interesting to say I will leave it at this: I'm doing well and as always Love you All!

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  1. I'm missing your blog........ where are you ?