Thursday, 31 March 2011

And the Count Down Begins

It's March 31st and I begin Chemo in 4 days!

Today I made my way up to the north east of the city to have, what promises to be, the beginning of a series of tests. Today's test: "Lung Capacity", which I think I passed, as air still seems to be passing in and out of my lungs with very little effort at this point. The tougher test today was trying to navigate the EI system which includes finding all the hoops that they require me to jump through. One would think that after paying into a system for more than 25 years they would be willing to give me some of it back.  However,  like everything else as of late, I'm told to hurry up and wait and that someone will get back to me.  The last big test accomplished today was grocery shopping.  I'm not sure what I'm going to want to eat, if anything soon enough but I stocked up with as much as I could. The idea is to avoid having to do it again later. 

So I am happy to report that I'm in good spirits, OK, maybe a little stressed but today was a good day!

Thanks again to everyone and I really do appreciate all the well wishes.

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